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Some parts could do with some more playtesting and polish. Towards the end of the game there are parts were you can float down onto a roof with those blockers, forcing you to restart. Other than that, was it a great game (especially considering the limited time).

Hi Mika, thanks for playing Umbrella, I'm sorry for the bad design parts you been through, my time to produce the game was very limited, unfortunately I stop the Umbrella development but if you see something interessant in this game may also you'll like to play my new game I've published this week

Hope you like to play this as well

A really nice game. Loved the black and white theme. More amazing stuff could be done with this idea. if you think. Great work, overall! Keep it up.

Is this game open source? 

"Some required 32-bit libraries are missing:"

I have the libnss3 package installed...

Im trying your game but the controls in the windows version is very unresponsive. Sometimes I press A and D but the character doesnt move. I wished I could have seen more of your game, do you have a playthrough somewhere?